Associate Professor
Department of Anthropology
State University of New York at Potsdam


Lydia Rodríguez Cuevas

I am a linguistic anthropologist with an interest in linguistic relativity, the anthropology of time, spontaneous co-speech gesture, and discourse analysis.

My research focuses on the question of linguistic relativity, the proposal that language-specific patterns may have an impact on the way that we perceive and experience the world. I am interested on the relationship between grammatical categories and cognition, and how wider modes of discursive representation may influence thought patterns and worldview. I use classic ethnographic fieldwork to explore the relationship between language, discourse and thought.

Until recently, my research has been concerned with the multi-modal analysis of conversation in a non-Western cultural and linguistic context -in particular, I have analyzed the spontaneous speech-accompanying gestures used by speakers of Chol, a Mayan language spoken in Southeastern Mexico. More recently, I have become interested in North American and European politicians' gestures and their relationship to political discourse. I have begun to investigate gesture-speech mismatches in political discourse, the structural morphology of these mismatches, and the effects of intentional and non-intentional deception in speech-accompanying gestures.

I welcome inquiries from students and colleagues interested in linguistic anthropology. My CV can be downloaded here.

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